Saturday, 30 October 2010


Rain Duck

Here's my Illustration for the Snow Goose brief, featuring a 3 layer handcut stencil screenprint. The arrows in the middle were made by making a paper snowflake and using it as a stencil, pretty nifty effect it gave.


This image was created for D-Tox of Dubnium geezers Disciples of D&B, though niether of these are the actual one i gave to him as he's got it, though its just got a slightly different background. The 2nd image has just been drawn into, giving the dreaded gasmask a double breasted jacket and some sight. handcut stencil screenprint again.


Faces that turn into squids if you turn the image upside down (well pretty much) as ever handcut stencil screenprints, (though bottom image drawn into & 'shopped)
The top image has been printed onto a tshirt as well, but only one, truly special edition.
Hands and arms seem to be cropping up into most of my work recently, reaching out for something out of reach?

Thursday, 14 October 2010

strange creatures

Not finished images just colour tests using paintshop pro to see how these sketchbook drawings might look screenprinted.

Friday, 1 October 2010


These are my favourite recent images, i want to screentprint these.
The second is done on canvas-type paper with paint, and the top one is pen n colouring pencils.

sketchbook and the pages of doom

Shroomery Girafffer.
quite peeved at the fact the pages are see through, though will be SCRPNTD in the near future.

"The portal provides an entryway,
To another layer of dimensions.
It may be used to travel to places,
unknown to man
On occasion, you may find yourself entering a strange new world.
Step into the portal."

have been doing a touch of hoovering recently

dont fuck with swans (a different version of an oldskool classic)

This is just something bizarre i threw together and liked so its on here.
All Of these images WILL be worked into with printing and colour and wonder.

everybody wants to be a cat

Its more of a Cat/Dog, with an egyptian tinge, goes well with the colour though.

who needs bodies anyway?

hahaha i found this earlier from an old SKBK.
the head is actually a roast chicken if you couldnt guess.

rainy days and no draws = Updation

The rays of the sun reaching out to the sky like branches of new life, new eyes opening to the dawn of a new existance.

"Your landlord is not your friend" This was supposed to be the baddie off district 13: ultimatum, but he reminds me more of my landlord, though i think i ruined it with these colours, ah well.

Because cows like trippin' too - canvas, wall paint, paint pen.

Like Tentacles reaching up from your morning cup of coffee to rejuvinate your senses.

Amish? from this C4 programme Amish: Worlds Squarest Teenagers, which quite frankly was ridiculously hilarious!